A flourishing parish community depends to a great extent on the good-will and effort of its members. There are many roles and functions which are filled by volunteers who are essential for the smooth running of our parish, from church and grounds maintenance to the many lay ministries which contribute to the celebration of Mass and the sacraments. 

Although we cannot cover everything on our website, we have attempted to present a clear overview of parish groups and ministries, how they function and what they have to "give" to the whole community. 

Please highlight “get involved” and click on the area in which you feel you can contribute for further details. Enjoy browsing! 

Our parish is a place where all should feel valued, included and safe. All volunteers and staff are DBS checked.

If you would like to become more involved and can contribute even in a small way, you are most welcome to get in touch using the contact us form. Our parish needs you!

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